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The perfect ring colour


A lot of factors come into play when choosing the perfect ring for you or your loved one. But out of all the little things like picking the right gems and the right carving, what influences the final look of your right the most is surely the ring material. With a bigger variety of colors to choose from, it’s not as easy as yellow or white anymore. First and foremost you’ll have to know what style of ring you want to wear. A ring often mirrors the personality of a person, so try your best to match the material colors with something that matches the wearer. Rings aren’t cheap, so you’ll have to think extra hard if you don’t want your loved one to be stuck wearing something they hate.

Be sure to choose wisely

Post1aGold is certainly a metal to consider when picking the right material. It’s a soft metal that measures quality in karats. It is measured on a scale up to twenty four. The more the merrier, which means the higher the number of karats, the purer the gold is. This number influences a number of factors like coloration and softness. Pure gold has a stronger yellow tone and is softer. But don’t let the yellow steer you away from this fabulous material. Research in gold coloration has led to a wide variety of colors like white, rose, purple, green and other, less common, ones.

Post1bWhen picking a white hue, the best choice by far is always platinum. It’s valued to be five times more expensive than gold, but well worth it for its sophistication and purity. That same purity is the reason why it shines like no other metal. This hard and sturdy jewelry metal will always guarantee excellence. However, the biggest advantage over other metals is the fact that it doesn’t lose its shine over time, so you’ll save yourself the trouble of re-platting.