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Perfect Citrine Stud Earrings for November

Feature Citrine Halo Earrings

There is no better method to state your love than offering your sweetie a gorgeous set of citrine stud earrings. They are a terrific present, and look fantastic on everybody. Ears that are adorned with spectacular, hand crafted stones as valuable as citrine will simply shout for attention.

Darker brown citrine is established by naturally high temperature level. No matter the color, citrine is a definitely beautiful stone in the quartz household.

Since they are fragile looking, Citrine earrings primarily appeal to lady. Just like all fine jewelry, the bigger the stone, the more cash you’ll need to pay. The up-side is that even with the tiniest stones that are rather affordable, your partner will love them.

If you are preparing to purchase a set of Citrine earrings for another person, they would likewise make an ideal Christmas present, or birthday present for your child, mom, and even your dear pal. Earrings can make your face look more appealing, and with the ideal set of citrine earrings, your woman will definitely sparkle.

Citrine earrings can be discovered dangling, hooped, and studded. Sterling silver does an extremely great task of crafting earrings that have citrine in them, and making them look like gorgeous, daily earrings.

The lovely colors of citrine might signify idealism, relationship, and wealth. They are crafted to show the amazing light, even from a female’s ear. Citrine earrings are an amazing, birthstone for November babies, and present for any female in your life.

Citrine Stud Earring Video

Ensure your jewellery


Many are shocked when told to ensure their jewellery. These days you can ensure just about anything, so why not something you value greatly and you paid a lot for like jewellery? Well that’s exactly what you need to do! Getting a good policy is important for achieving the best safety and replacement plan of your favourite accessories. You can relax and feel safe from theft and disaster if you have a good insurance policy.

Better safe than sorry

The first thing you’re going to need to do is appraise the jewellery you wish to insure. This may not be needed if you have the receipt of the piece. Keep in mind that it’s essential to get your jewellery insured quickly. This is why some insurance companies will start the policy purchase process before the appraisal is done. Check if you can appraise your piece right from the initial purchase. Be careful, because some insurers may not allow your own appraiser to determine the value, but instead use their company appraiser for a better estimate.

Make sure the right insurance coverage is met in your policies. Before you sign anything, make sure certain requirements are met. Check if you can use your appraiser or is that service offered by the insurer. Know the requirements for loss and theft evidence acceptance. Get to know if the missing jewellery will be replaced with a duplicate, or repaid with a written check. Check who covers the travelling losses. And most importantly, see if your policy will only cover theft or will it cover damage and loss due to disasters as well.

Whichever policy you go for, you’ll certainly sleep easier with a calm mind that has one less thing to worry about. These items are usually small and as such they are often misplaced or easily stolen.

How to preserve your jewellery


If you ever owned a piece of jewellery, chances are, it got scuffed or cracked at one point while in your possession. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With great care your pieces of jewellery can look as good as it did the day you got it. Taking the following steps will ensure a long life for your bling.

Appropriately time your accessorising

Post2aExposure to cleaning chemicals can ruin the polish, so take your jewellery off when performing day to day tasks. Kitchen work, gardening and cleaning are a nightmare for your hands. Removing your jewellery while performing your daily chores will make sure no damages occur on the piece itself.

Be sure to put on your jewellery after applying makeup. Hairsprays and lotions contain substances that damage your metal and jewels. Make your life easier by putting on cosmetics in the right order.

Post2bDo not wear jewellery in swimming pools and spas. Structural damage and colour changes may occur when exposed to water chlorination. Swimming in such water can greatly damage your jewellery. The same can be said for regular bathing because soap can cause film to accumulate, ruining a nice finish with a dingy and dirty look.

A great way to avoid damaging jewellery is to take it off while engaging in sport activities. Safety hazards aside, stronger impact can damage the shape of jewellery. Therefore be smart and remove any unnecessary Post2caccessories before you go out on the field.

If by any chance, you weren’t aware of these precautions, it’s strongly advised to inspect your pieces for any cracks and structural damage. Don’t be hasty with repairs and leave it to the professionals. Handing cracked jewellery the wrong way might increase the damage tenfold. Just set aside any damaged pieces and take it to an expert later. Make sure your fabulous jewellery stays that way.

The perfect ring colour


A lot of factors come into play when choosing the perfect ring for you or your loved one. But out of all the little things like picking the right gems and the right carving, what influences the final look of your right the most is surely the ring material. With a bigger variety of colors to choose from, it’s not as easy as yellow or white anymore. First and foremost you’ll have to know what style of ring you want to wear. A ring often mirrors the personality of a person, so try your best to match the material colors with something that matches the wearer. Rings aren’t cheap, so you’ll have to think extra hard if you don’t want your loved one to be stuck wearing something they hate.

Be sure to choose wisely

Post1aGold is certainly a metal to consider when picking the right material. It’s a soft metal that measures quality in karats. It is measured on a scale up to twenty four. The more the merrier, which means the higher the number of karats, the purer the gold is. This number influences a number of factors like coloration and softness. Pure gold has a stronger yellow tone and is softer. But don’t let the yellow steer you away from this fabulous material. Research in gold coloration has led to a wide variety of colors like white, rose, purple, green and other, less common, ones.

Post1bWhen picking a white hue, the best choice by far is always platinum. It’s valued to be five times more expensive than gold, but well worth it for its sophistication and purity. That same purity is the reason why it shines like no other metal. This hard and sturdy jewelry metal will always guarantee excellence. However, the biggest advantage over other metals is the fact that it doesn’t lose its shine over time, so you’ll save yourself the trouble of re-platting.