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We are a well established jewellery store that works hard towards providing our customers with products and services unmatched by our competitors. By being considered a local favourite in New Philadelphia be sure that your jewellery must and will be treated with upmost excellence. Our steady hands will put you on a steady path of true décor shine and unparalleled beauty.

What we offer



We offer state of the art cleaning and repair of jewelry. Our well trained team of experts will handle any piece of jewelry with great precision and care. After a thorough clean and repair it will look better than the day you bought it.


Jewellery Valuation

If you’re feeling uncertain about the value of jewelry you own, or you want to sell it and know its exact value, you should turn to our store. We’ll get that piece appraised down to the exact penny of its worth.


Jewellery Design

Eye catching stellar design and re-design of jewelry pieces is a service we offer for an affordable fee. With exemplary aesthetic taste, your pieces will radiate with certain freshness and bright up any room you enter. Specially tailored jewelry is our expertise.

Why choose us

Next to our competitors, we are clearly the only right choice for you. Make no mistake that professional care is our number one priority. This is because we focus heavily on fully understanding our client’s wishes and work our hardest to execute those wishes in the most precise way possible.

Money return policy

In case our customer is dissatisfied with the products and services provided by us, we encourage a full refund if deemed necessary. Our certainty in execution is partially the reason behind our return policy. We are confident in our work and are willing to admit our mistakes in case of miscommunication while negotiating. You deserve to shop with ease of mind.

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